alstrio x BioAgilytix Europe GmbH

BioAgilytix Europe GmbH collaborates with alstrio in a dedicated workshop to identify key specifications for improved material and order handling. A step towards refined and systematic warehouse management in bioanalytical settings.

The problem

BioAgilytix Europe GmbH is a bioanalytical laboratory supporting all phases of molecular studies. For smooth workflows, many different materials are needed at the right time, ranging from reagents to consumables. Due to significant growth in recent years, it was clear for Bioagilytics that a new solution for warehouse and order management had to be found. The order management system was mostly manual and new employees had problems to interact with the warehouse.

The solution

In a two-day workshop, we worked together with employees from various positions at BioAgilytix to develop requirements and solution ideas. By combining our informal and inquisitive approach with the daily experiences of the employees, we were able to quickly gain insights and develop a plan for further action. Automated ordering processes and digital warehouse overviews promise to increase efficiency and improve the overall visibility.

"We were all positively surprised at how quickly Mr. Harms and Ms. Gerdes from alstrio understood our processes and challenges. It has helped us a lot to better understand and prioritize our own requirements."

Gabi Schewe

Lab Manager, BioAgilytix Europe GmbH


Thanks to the collaboration with alstrio, BioAgilytix Europe GmbH was able to better understand and prioritize their processes and challenges. The result is a clearly structured set of specifications and a plan for the implementation of an efficient, digital warehouse system.