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Innovation is more than an idea

We are Hardware co-innovators.
Together with you and your team, we methodically validate innovations through iterative prototype building.

Our passion

Whether start-up, SME, corporate innovator, or venture builderwe collaborate to validate innovation: as creatives, inventors, engineers and testers. 

Innovative Hardware-Produkte bei der Entwicklung, darunter fortschrittliche Gadgets, Wearables und Smart-Devices, in einer hell beleuchteten Umgebung.



We reduce risk and uncertainties: With you and your team, we support the refinement and testing of ideas and core assumptions - no matter at which stage of development you currently are.

Nachhaltigkeit im Innovationsprozess durch vermeiden von Massenproduktion - Handarbeit, Kleinschrittigkeit, Biodegradable Materialien.


In Innovation Process

Sustainability as a direct competitive advantage: We believe that true innovation must be sustainable, not just from an ecological point of view but also from a social and economic perspective. Incorporating sustainability aspects in the early stages of innovation isn’t just an enjoyable nice-to-have, it just makes sense.

Junge Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer bei der Entwicklung von Geschäftsstrategien in einem kreativen Co-Working-Space, mit Notizbüchern, Laptops und Diskussionen am Whiteboard.



For us? Pragmatism and the courage to experiment are what distinguish a good entrepreneur. We are more than just technicians. We operate right between pragmatic prototype building and venture building. Because the best prototype is worthless without the right vision for it.

How we work


[aɪˈdɪə ɪˈneɪblmənt æz ə ˈsɜːvɪs], neologism

Methodical prototyping, we're good at that. Experts in your industry? That's you! At alstrio, we collaborate with our clients. We form a joint project organization that empowers each other to achieve more, faster. In this process, we contribute methodological knowledge and pragmatic prototyping, and you and your team bring the industry-specific know-how.

Team in einem Brainstorming-Meeting, umgeben von Whiteboards voller Ideen und Konzepte, visualisiert durch Post-its und Diagramme, zur Förderung kreativer Lösungen.


Innovation doesn't have to be left to chance. Good ideas can be generated methodically and purposefully. We host workshops for you and your team to collectively brainstorm ideas and evaluate them within your framework. Grumpy process engineer or enthusiastic business developer - the more diverse the participation, the richer the variety of ideas!


Perfection is the enemy of progress. We believe that a good prototype should make you slightly embarrassed; otherwise, you've probably invested too much time and resources. Whether it's a cardboard mock-up or a high-fidelity prototype, we build pragmatic prototypes, demonstrators, test beds, and experiments. We validate assumptions and iteratively gather feedback to ensure the relevance of our work.

Gruppe von Fachleuten präsentiert Prototypen zur Ideenvalidierung in einem Meetingraum, mit Feedbacksammlung durch interaktive Geräte und Bewertungsbögen.
Entwicklerteam arbeitet intensiv an der Implementierung einer neuen Idee, programmiert auf Laptops und überprüft Daten auf großen Monitoren in einem technologisch ausgestatteten Büro.


We are not special machine builders nor product developers, but we know how they operate. We accompany you on the path to a market-ready innovation and pass on the knowledge that has been built up in previous project phases. In doing so, we work closely with industrial partners or your product development team to ensure that all insights are delivered where they are needed.

Our references

Creative, collaborative and efficient: With these companies we enabled innovation.

This is us.

This is alstrio.

We are innovation partners and method experts, inventors, tinkerers, market researchers, testers, we iterate, question, discard, think and do, we have a passion for innovation, we are innovation enablers.

alstrio Team von Entwicklern arbeitet gemeinsam am Prototyping-Tisch mit Laptops, Skizzen und Modellen für innovative Technologieprojekte
"Portrait von Jannick Schulte, Innovation Enabler, lächelnd vor einem neutralen Hintergrund, gekleidet in alstrio Hoodie, symbolisiert Führungsstärke und Kreativität.


Vision, Kommunikation
& Business Development

LinkedIn-Profilseite von Jannick Schulte mit Details zu Berufserfahrung, Ausbildung, Fähigkeiten und einem professionellen Foto.
Portrait von Torben Harms, einem Innovation Enabler und Prototyper bei alstrio, lächelnd mit einem Hintergrund in Hamburg, der Kreativität und Innovation symbolisiert.


Technologie, Prototypen
& Methoden

Profil von Torben Harms auf LinkedIn, Netzwerk-Profilbild, Informationen zu beruflicher Erfahrung, Fähigkeiten und Kontaktdetails.

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