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Innovation is more than an idea

We help you on your way to innovation by methodically generating, validating and implementing ideas.

What inspires us

We stand for successful innovation. We turn ideas into reality: As creators, inventors, planners, communicators and collaborators.


Whether it is the use of new technologies or the expansion to additional use cases, we creatively support you in product innovation. Collaboratively and methodically, we find ideas, validate and implement them.


Responsible innovation needs calls for sustainable production. New production methods, sustainable materials, more efficiency in production - we support you in identifying the right technology and implementing it to achieve economic, ecological and/ or social sustainability.

business models

Not only technologies are changing, but also how money is made. New payment models are emerging, data is being used as a source of revenue, products are flourishing in distant markets. Together with you, we identify the right approach to realise new value.

How we work


[aɪˈdɪə ɪˈneɪblmənt æz ə ˈsɜːvɪs], neologism

The method-based finding and testing of ideas in collaboration with a third party. We are experts in academically validated methods for idea generation, validation and implementation. But every idea and every company are different. We find the right methods for your innovation challenge and accompany you all the way to your successful implementation.


Everything starts with an idea: Whether you already have an idea, or we start from scratch together, the methodical generation of relevant ideas forms the foundation of every innovation strategy. We work collaboratively on the continuous and iterative improvement of innovation potential.


Good ideas alone are not enough. Even the best ideas often fail in implementation. That's why we validate ideas early and efficiently from a technical and economic perspective: prototypes, user tests, market research, pilot projects - we can identify problems early and minimize risks.


How do you create value from a good idea? This requires, above all, successful implementation. The right team and methodical project and financial planning are crucial. We support you and help you to set up long-term value-creating project organizations, such as a corporate venture.

Our references


Creative, collaborative and efficient: With these companies we enabled innovation.

This is us.
This is alstrio.

We are innovation partners and method experts, inventors, tinkerers, market researchers, testers, we iterate, question, discard, think and do, we have a passion for innovation, we are innovation enablers.


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Technology and Prototypes

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