alstrio x Labor Dr. Fenner & Kollegen

alstrio and Labor Dr. Fenner collaborated to automate repetitive tasks in the processing of PCR dry swabs

The problem

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical staff at Labor Dr. Fenner played a crucial role in analyzing PCR tests, facing extremely high workloads. A significant challenge was the repetitive, manual preparation of dry swabs, which became a burden due to the sudden increase in demand for PRC testing. The manual process was not only very time-consuming but also required many skilled laboratory workers. to perform a highly repetitive task, often for hours at a time.

Innovation - Prototyp Maschine PCR Testung

The solution

In response, alstrio collaborated with Labor Dr. Fenner & Kollegen to develop an automated solution. This innovative machine, designed with a dual-sided approach featuring an operator and a robot side, allowed for simultaneous loading, unloading, and processing of dry swabs. The development process began with methodical idea generation, followed by conducting small-scale tests, developing a machine concept, building a prototype, and continuously improving its implementation through rigorous testing. The result was a prototype designed to handle the full peak laboratory demand, significantly enhancing throughput and efficiency in processing dry swabs.


The collaboration between alstrio and Labor Dr. Fenner successfully led to the development of a high-efficiency automated prototype system for processing dry swabs. This advancement not only relieved the skilled workers from repetitive tasks but also greatly enhanced the laboratory's capacity to manage high volumes of PCR tests during the critical periods of the pandemic.