alstrio x Zellerfeld R&D GmbH

Zellerfeld and alstrio cooperated in the identification and validation of new production eqipment for the scaling of zellerfelds 3D-printed footwear business.

The problem

Zellerfeld's novel printing technology led to new challenges in the post-processing of the product requiring an iterative and innovative process to find a solution.

Zellerfeld R&D GmbH

Zellerfeld is recognized as the only technology company that manufactures an entire 3D-printed shoe at the push of a button. The company offers an online platform where designers from around the world can sell their shoe designs, appealing to those seeking to express themselves with customized and personalized 3D-printed footwear. Comprised of a team of energetic engineers who develop their printing technologies in-house, Zellerfeld is known for continually challenging the status quo, aiming to introduce much-needed change in an industry often criticized for being undemocratic and unethical. Zellerfeld's innovative approach involves 3D printing each shoe from fully recyclable materials, a strategy that has captivated a diverse and growing customer base, including NBA and Hollywood celebrities, as well as Elon Musk’s youngest child. The company operates with a long-term perspective, ensuring that all actions and decisions are made with the intent of creating a lasting, positive impact, always with a conscious regard for both people and the environment.

Innovation - Prototyp Maschine PCR Testung

The solution

In a 3 month project alstrio assisted Zellerfeld in the identification of multiple possible solutions through process testing, identification of suitable technologies and suppliers, and subsequent validation. Tight cooperation between alstrio and Zellerfeld's engineering and material science team ensured a good pairing of zellerfeld's deep process knowledge and alstrio's innovation methodology and prototyping experience.